Forest Lodge

Originally used to keep horses for the Harold Park Paceway, converting these 1880s stables into a stylish and bespoke family home was not without it’s challenges.  Located in the Sydney inner suburb of Forest Lodge, Stable House is the first of a two stage project designed by the architect for herself and her growing family.  Wrapping around the building, the stable brickwork reveals itself throughout the home in a variety of ways, paying homage to the heritage of the site.

Embodying several passive sustainable designs, Stable House nestles itself seemlessly into the native bush landscape.  This is enhanced by the planted trellis screen wrapping the northern and western facade of the building which not only acts as a natural shading device for the house, but also provides a natural privacy screen from the overlooking terrace houses surrounding the property.

With it’s complex layout and difficult structural elements, this challenging build required great attention to the fine details and was a satisfying project from start to finish.  With it’s unique design and associated history, the finished build makes a real statement.